Combining design, technology and business - we'll find the best solution. 

Concept and Idea

From idea to implementation - it's a long way. We support comprehensively throughout the entire process, helping with verifying business assumptions, preparing technical documentation, planning the path of prototype implementation, MVP and product development. We carry out user surveys, workshops and tests based on the Design Thinking, Design Sprint, and Customer Development methodologies. Just tell us about your idea and we will guide you.

UI/UX Design

The appearance of the application is not only about aesthetics. UI/UX design is a complex process of learning, understanding and connecting users' needs with the product's business goals. That is why we have developed the Strategic Design Process, thanks to which we create user- and business friendly applications. We also build effective branding and visual brand identification.

App Development

Technology is our natural environment. We are experts in Native Script technology, which allows building native applications on both iOS and Android simultaneously. For websites and web applications we use, among others, Symfony, Angular and our own Windu CMS framework. We create mobile and desktop solutions, B2B systems, websites and stores. We also conduct technological consultations, tests, audits and workshops.