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UI / UX, mobile applications, programming and design


We have experience in the following areas


  • Consumer research
    - target group needs, market segmentation, psychographics
  • Marketing research
    - brand awareness and image, satisfaction research, effectiveness of marketing activities, data-driven influencer marketing
  • Research for Public Relations and Media
    - market reports, white papers, data-inspired content

Analyses and Strategies

  • Market Analysis
    - market size and value, purchasing potential
  • Validation of Business and Product Ideas
    - business plan analysis, product-market fit, lean canvas, testing business hypotheses
  • Market Entry Strategies
    - idea monetization, pricing research, business scaling

Usability Testing

  • User Behavior Research
    - Utilizing quantitative and qualitative web analytics
  • Usability Diagnosis of Websites and Applications
    - Conversion rate optimization, identifying purchase process barriers
  • Matching Solutions to the Target Audience's Needs
    - Business metrics, effectiveness measurements, data triangulation

UX/UI Design

  • UX Wireframes
    - low- and high-fidelity prototyping for websites, mobile applications, and e-commerce platforms
  • UI Design
    - visual aspects of user interfaces, page structure, graphics, design systems
  • UX Audit
    - expert analyses using reliable usability assessment techniques
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Collaboration Models

What does collaboration with a research agency look like? It depends - primarily on the business and research goals, project scope, resources, and the client team's competencies. Most often, we collaborate using one of the following three models:

  • Full Outsourcing to the Agency - the entire research project is handled by the agency. From planning, tool construction, implementation, to analysis and drawing conclusions. In the meantime, we meet with the client's team several times to discuss the progress and results.
  • Extended Team - throughout the research process, we go together, forming a temporary team composed of client-side collaborators and our researchers and advisors. Then, shoulder to shoulder, we work on the project - from defining goals, through planning, data collection, and drawing conclusions.
  • Consultations/Supervision - the client has its own research team but requires external advisory support. Our specialists provide "ad hoc" / "on-the-fly" support at any stage of the process, answering questions, providing tools, and introducing improvements to the client's project.

If you feel that your business needs support in marketing research, UX research, or market analysis - get in touch with us, let's talk!

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