mdd Desk BT: mobile app for the office of the future

mdd Desk BT: mobile app for the office of the future


How we helped MDD in creating a mobile app allowing to keep an ergonomic position during office work and why our developers actually went to the furniture factory?


MDD is one of the leaders among polish manufacturers of modern office furniture. Their offer includes among others functional desks with electric height adjustment - which ensure comfort at work and follow increasingly higher users requirements, and therefore provide them completely new experiences. So far the solution has been allowing users to adjust their desks via control panel - however, to meet their expectations we created an app, which allows users to quickly and wirelessly change the height of their desk directly via smartphone.


Nowadays, the vast majority of produced applications are typical software solutions - allowing communication, receiving emails, checking information, data management and many others. That’s why creating an app which combines software and hardware, and improves user experience by additional functionality (by integration with a panel adjusting desk’s height), was a great and exciting experience also from our perspective.


Our goal was to design an interface, and then to create and implement mdd Desk BT mobile app for MDD desks users, who use iOS and Android operating systems. The app was designed to allow adjustment of the desk wirelessly via smartphone, using Bluetooth connectivity with a desk control panel.

The application was intended to enable user to:

  • enter four default desk heights

  • control height precisely

  • define the minimum and maximum height of the desk.


In addition, the app was to control physical activity of the user and inform if he needs a break or if he should change a position, eg. from sitting to standing.


Business case

Height-adjustable desks fit into current trends of a quite traditional, so far, furniture industry. By meeting the needs of flexibility and ergonomy “Office of the future” slowly becomes a standard for companies and coworking places. It responds to the requirements of a modern lifestyle and provides better and better experiences in terms of functionality and comfort of work. So it’s no wonder that MDD decided to extend their offer with electric desks controlled via application, which will allow even more freedom in choosing a work position and will take care of our healthy habits - even by reminding about the need to change the position from sitting to standing.


What’s more, mdd Desk BT mobile app is to be an attractive and cheaper alternative for a current solution which enables to control the desk height manually - a control panel - at the same time, reducing the total purchase cost for prospective desk users.


Assumptions and arrangements

To understand client’s expectations towards the application better, we decided to visit the MDD furniture factory. We had a great opportunity to talk directly with engineers, who showed us the process of producing desks and explained the mechanisms of work, possible settings and operation modes. In other words - we experienced the entire production process to fully put ourselves into customers shoes.


Such a close cooperation from the very beginning allowed us to understand the whole project not only from the technical side, but also from the perspective of potential desk user - thanks to that, we learned and understood his needs, difficulties and expectations.


Trends, moodboards, benchmarks

Getting acquainted with the furniture industry, detailed data analysis, preparing user flow and screen maps in line with project assumptions and visual brand identity was the starting point for creating the graphic design of the app.


We decided to continue MDD’s style - by keeping minimalistic design and colors, so that the application was consistent with visual brand identity.

iPhone XR - Blue

In turn, all of the most important interactions - such as buttons for searching the desk, connecting with the selected desk, adjusting the height precisely with buttons or according to the previously saved heights - designed in such a way that user always has them at hand.



At the development stage, it was necessary to check the application in real time and on a real device - that’s why a test desk with a control mechanism took a central place in developers room. It gave us a lot of fun :)


We based the application on the native technology, using the NativeScript framework in association with Angular. The app allows users to connect with desk module wirelessly via Bluetooth. In addition, push notifications inform users about the need to change the position, eg. from sitting to standing, the need to rest or motivate to activity.


These types of projects and apps, whose effect can be observed in reality, give loads of satisfaction and fun. We were able to see and test changes implemented in the app on a real product and in real time, at the same time checking if everything works as it should.

Olek, developer



mdd Desk BT mobile app expands experiences of users of height-adjustable desks, not only by allowing them to change the height effectively and quickly, but also taking care of users comfort - it promotes healthy habits by encouraging users to get rid of the constant sitting habit and motivates them via notifications and reminders to change the work position, and therefore to use the desk effectively.


The final result of our several-month cooperation with MDD factory included:

  • mobile app UI project,

  • iOS and Android platform app development,

  • implementing mdd Desk BT app on AppStore and Google Play. Software&Design met all design specifications within the allotted timeframe. Their team was in constant contact with their partners and understood project needs well.

Tomek Majtacz, MDD Office Furniture Factory

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