Why and when should you update UI/UX design?

Why and when should you update UI/UX design?


Keeping the software and app interface clean and simple relieves users of confusion and long time spent on navigating through the product. If any difficulties appear, users are very likely to resign. Addressing those issues by improving users experience and satisfaction can put you one step closer to achieve a business success.


Product development

Consider an update of the UI/UX design especially while adding extra features to your product. New design should definitely support new features and your new business goals. Good communication and collaboration between UX designer and product manager (or product owner) is therefore of great importance, as both of them play a significant, but different roles in building a successful product - as the UX designer is to deal with the user, while the product manager is to deal with the business side and the strategy. 


“It is in understanding the different job roles, their intersections, values and accountabilities that you will end up with a great product.”

Sarah Deane,
Experience Leader, Founder of EffectUX, Author of 4HourUX


Technical changes 

You also need to renew the design while facing technical changes of your product. For example, if some features became irrelevant - you just have to react to keep your app updated! But at the same time keep in mind that users really care about any changes in apps they use. If there are any roadblocks or confusion while using your product, users are bound to drop off. That’s why when redesigning the interface and developing your product, remember to keep a clear look of it making it easy and smooth in use.


New target group

A new customer segment requires a new strategy and  - maybe - a new UI/UX design - what shows the importance of analyzing users opinions. The basic role of the quality design is to understand and cater customers needs constantly, even it requires updating the product’s design.


Optimizing conversion 

And last but not least - analyze customers feedback to improve user experience. The quality of the experience has a crucial impact on the opinion and ultimately can lead to conversions. That’s why improving UX design is so important.

The feedback, you receive from users, provides deep insights into user experience you create and shows how they interact with your product - by revealing pros and cons, telling you if your product is functional and solves users problem, or has any issues, unclear interface, or poor usability. 



The UI/UX design improvement can take your products to new levels and help you fulfilling your business goals - not only because of the new layout, but also because of being more usable, functional and answering your customers’ needs. And that translates into more conversions and makes you closer to achieve your success. That is why UI/UX design should play a crucial role in every product strategy.


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